Tea at the Guggenheim

While cleaning a stack of brushes today I had a deja vu…on a recent rainy day trip to the Guggenheim I enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey, staring out the window and during one of my frequent delusions of grandeur I thought, ” I want people to buy my paintings because they want to experience the life that is in them, and not because they want to turn them in auction.”

This thought stayed with me when I crossed the street to Central Park and casually viewed the sidewalk vendor art. The closer you get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) the more art there is to see on the street. Some of it astonishingly wonderful.

Cell Photo- Looking out second floor tea room Guggenheim

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About Rod Jones

Rod Jones is a Contemporary Abstract Artist in Lake Arrowhead, California. From camera to brush. To learn more, go to: http://www.rodjonesartist.com
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